Many clients come to me and say “I feel stuck.” What feels stuck in your life? Is it excess weight that won’t budge even with exercise and diet? Is it fatigue that you can’t kick? Is it constipation/bloating that has you plagued? Is it hair loss, brittle nails, or skin that looks dull? Do you […]

How To Get Unstuck

What if the missing link to the break free from feeling burnout might be our ability to tap into our 6th sense? What if a women’s ability to sense the subtle and to use her intuition to course correct is a superpower? Our ability as women to go beyond the loudness of our five senses […]

The Mitochondria Empath

Taking a peek at the plenitude of supplements my clients bring to their first appointments, I am reminded of the quote by Rumi. What is poison? “Anything that is more than our necessity is poison. It may be power, wealth, hunger, ego, greed, laziness, love, ambition, hate, or anything.” I am reminded of MYSELF. Someone […]

5 Strategies to Beat Burnout


Hi, I'm Rachel

A Naturopathic Doctor, founder of the Heal Yourself Institute and former exhausted, stressed to the limit, and totally overwhelmed person. I brought myself back to health using natural practices and treatment plans. Now I do the same for women just like you!