Meet Your Coach

Also a former exhausted, stressed to the limit, and totally overwhelmed person. 

I brought myself back to health using natural practices and treatment plans. Now I do the same for women just like you!

I didn’t always have the health I wanted or the energy I desired.

In fact, years ago I found myself in a serious struggle to get control of my body (dealing with the same kind of issues most of my clients experience today).

Fatigue, brain fog, body aches, morning stiffness, bloating, puffiness, weight gain, food sensitives — you name it, your girl had it!

A constant thought running through my mind at the time?  “Wow. I am too young to feel this old!"

A Naturopathic Doctor and founder of the Heal Yourself Institute 

Hi, I'm Rachel

I had to start to remove what was in the way of my body's innate power to heal.

Early in my journey, I worked as a medical & pharmaceutical sales rep which had me booked & busy constantly. 

I was prescribed Adderall for 10 years for ADHD (which was misdiagnosed) which made me wired and tired, lose my hair and develop dry skin and cracking nails.

I competed as a competitive fitness athlete for 5 years which left me with a clinical diagnosis of adrenal fatigue.

And I had breast implants for 10 years which delivered a slow devastating assault on my health and a slew of nasty systems. 

(the same process I take with you inside all of my coaching programs)

It all made for the perfect storm that led me straight into burning out, feeling sick and draining me of every last drop of energy.

Initially, I thought my health problems were because I was living a busy life or working out too much but I came to realize it wasn’t just “having a busy schedule,” it was SO much more than that.

The reality: I had poisoned my body for years without even realizing it and my symptoms were the cues that it was time for a change.

I made a decision to feel better...so I took action. 

I visited numerous conventional and integrative doctors and spent thousands on supplements, diet advice and labs, only to find myself feeling just as drained and sick as ever.

I was lacking direction and was desperate to find something to make me better but no matter what I did or invested in nothing seemed to work…

i declared i had the power to heal myself. 

I discovered a talent and passion for helping women take back their power to heal themselves.

I’m living proof.

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You can have it all. Without sacrifice.

In the process of healing myself...

My approach is simple.
What works best for you?

I engage deeply with every client I meet and customize every program to suit their specificities. Each body is unique which is why I’ve spent years developing individualized strategies that lead to long-term success.

Stop me when it sounds like you:

You’ve gone the traditional route and it just isn’t working.

You’ve tried other natural routes without success (but you’re still open to natural healing).

You’re craving expertise, accountability and real support from a health expert who listens.

You want a coach who’s been in your shoes and makes getting better feel simple!

You know intuitively that you should feel better.

yup! that's me!