Heal Yourself Now

A 90-day private coaching experience

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Designed to help you take back control of your health, renew your energy and change your life the natural way.

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of why you feel like you do and a restorative “prescription” that helps amplify your energy, impact and best health.

This high vibe 1:1 program shows you how to heal yourself for good using holistic remedies and practices as well as herbs, adaptogens, lifestyle strategies and detox.

Nope, it’s not a case of deja vu. (Promise.)

I get it. This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve worked with other health professionals in the past and their solutions didn’t work… because spoilers: nothing ever seems to work

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin! You’ve noticed weight gain, new wrinkles that make you feel older than you are, hair loss or thinning, & other ailments that keep popping up outta nowhere.

Mental burnout and daily fatigue you can’t seem to kick. Is it stress? Is it your diet? Is it your sleeping habits? You don’t even know anymore but you’re desperate for someone or something to figure it out!

Experts that never seem to GET IT. You tell them how you’re feeling but the stuff prescribed or recommended doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle, is super confusing or just doesn’t fix the problem. Period.

But here’s the good news:

You’re so sick of…

It doesn’t have to be like this anymore.

Imagine the day you start feeling this good…

You wake up feeling well-rested & bright with the energy to take on whatever life has in store for the day, week, month ahead!

The overwhelming feelings you used to suffer from constantly? Um, where? They’ve hit the road and left you with a sharp mind and zenned-out vibe.

Your body finally feels like your own! You finally have the gorgeous skin you desire and hair that is thick, healthy and vibrant.

The bloat & excess weight has officially left the building, and getting yourself dressed to go out doesn’t throw you into a panic of self-consciousness.

You’ve got…PEP. Yes, pep in your freakin’ step! Your passion, your joy, your happiness — they’re all back, baby.

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Heal Yourself Now

A 90-day private coaching experience

Step 3


Learn how adaptogens and herbs bring balance to the body + work on elevating your energy using ancient techniques and nutrition strategies focused on whole foods. We’ll also tap into mindset work and stress reduction to help you feel refreshed & restored.

Breaking down the Heal Yourself Now signature framework into 3 simple parts:

Step 2

Begin to nourish and replenish your system with the ideal mix of diet, supplements, exercise, and health strategies! Discover lymphatic movement + breathwork and find out how circadian rhythms, light, daily and seasonal rituals & minerals can help amplify healing.


Step 1


We’ll find what’s holding you back from limitless energy and remove those toxins and habits no longer serving you through healthy detox, drainage and mindset. You’ll step into alignment with what your body needs and allow more flow and healing into your everyday life.

Inside Heal Yourself Now you’ll get:

A 90 day comprehensive & custom health program designed by your Naturopathic doctor and health expert Rachel Jennings.

An initial 90-minute consultation call + 6 bi-weekly wellness accountability calls (45 minutes each on Zoom) + a program exit call to help support you through your new journey to better health.

A recorded transcript of each meeting so you can refer back to your “notes” and clarify what you’re doing at any time throughout the process.

Actionable & easy to follow steps that act as a blueprint for your healing along with a personalized nutrition + lifestyle roadmap.

Pure supplement & natural product recommendations (no more junk that doesn’t work).

Access to a private holistic community of other women where you’ll find support, resources and a sisterhood in healing.

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Hi, I'm Rachel!

Helping you find the tools best suited to your symptoms and lifestyle so you can get back to a life you love is my greatest passion! As someone who struggled to figure out her own health issues for years, I understand how ready you are for a change. I also get how the chronic symptoms you’ve been experiencing (fatigue, overwhelm, stress, physical symptoms) can seem isolated…but I want you to know → they’re all intertwined. FOR REAL.

That’s why when we work together we start by identifying the root cause before deciding on natural treatments and remedies to get you better. Through our work together (yep, together!) we’ll look to support your body’s natural ability to heal in the most effective but least invasive way possible so that living as your best self lasts forever.

I’m a naturopathic doctor and women’s health expert

- Teresa Koffman

"I am so grateful to have found Rachel. As a woman with a demanding job, I was feeling my age catch up with me! I wanted a way to reduce wrinkles, prevent aging and have the energy for my career and family. Rachel is a true expert in natural health, and she quickly identified the foods and habits that were draining my energy, and stunting my weight loss. She helped me with a detox plan that has made all the difference. I feel like my old self again - full of vitality and energy and 20 lbs lighter!"

“I feel like my old self again - full of vitality and energy.”

What's the Coaching Process?

Submit Your Application

You deserve a Naturopathic Doctor & Health coach who feels like the right fit! We guarantee results, so before setting up a call or starting work together, I’ll get you to fill out a comprehensive application form to make sure this program is perfect for your needs and goals.


Join the VIP Community

After you’ve submitted your application, check out our private VIP community: High Energy Women, where members can connect and chat about the secrets to living life with abundant energy & health vibrancy!


1:1 Holistic Consultation

We’ll dig into the nitty-gritty details of your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle & labs. This in-depth process helps us build out an accurate understanding of your needs and shows how we can best support you. We map out a blueprint for healing that serves as a guide for you throughout your custom program.


6 Accountability Calls 

Everyone needs support and clarity when starting a new journey! These recorded + transcripted Zoom calls allow us to check in, see what’s working, rework your plan as needed, and keep you moving forward to feeling better!


(90 Minutes)

(45 minutes each; Bi-weekly) 

& Exit Call

No More Bad Days!

Get a proven plan to beat burnout, boost your energy and reclaim your life right now.

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