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Good health is wealth. 

Inside our group courses, we’ll help you jumpstart your healing journey with a unique treatment system designed to educate and empower you towards taking back your wellbeing, eliminating your ongoing symptoms and supporting your body’s natural capacity to heal.

Let’s make you rich.

You living your best life is non-negotiable.

The whole waking up and feeling like garbage thing? You’re done.

Living with drained energy, fatigue, and the physical symptoms that make your body feel and look older than it is — it’s not fair and it’s not sustainable.

You deserve balance. You deserve vitality. You deserve your damn joy back!

Feeling refreshed and ready to take on everything headed your way? Yeah, you deserve that too.

And settling for anything less than the above is not gonna cut it anymore.

Transform your health and take back your life with  GROUP coaching built on natural methods + customized to suit your unique challenges.

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 Meet the most vibrant version of yourself!

- Laura VanBelle

"I am a driven, ambitious woman with a young family and was looking for a natural health coach after having my second baby. I felt worn out, depleted and fatigued most days. My hair was thinning and I was lost on what to eat or do to keep my energy up. I felt stuck. I tried different diets, supplements, and doctors but nothing helped. My friend referred me to Rachel, and it was a miracle. I consider Rachel a Woman’s vitality and energy expert. She helped support me thru my life transition seamlessly! Thanks to Rachel I am a thriving mom and business owner. I am so grateful for her guidance and expertise."

“My friend referred me to Rachel, and it was a miracle.”

No more rushing to answers before understanding the problems — we’ll work together to figure out the root cause of what’s going on and make adjustments based on your specific challenges and lifestyle to get you better.

Hi,  I'm Rachel!

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As a Naturopathic Doctor and women’s health expert, I work with my clients on getting results like the above all the time.

Our courses are for you if you want to feel

Fulfilled, passionate, and on purpose.

Comfortable and confident in your body.

Restored, rejuvenated, and overflowing with energy every day.

Glowing and radiant.

Understood and cared for.

Powerful & crystal clear to take the right action to feel better.

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 A Proven Plan to Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy, and Reclaim Your Life

High Energy Women Group Course

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 Are you waking up tired & feeling drained throughout the day?

Do you want more clarity and confidence in a plan that is sustainable?

Is it time to get rid of your brain fog?

Do you have stubborn weight gain that you just can’t kick?

Do you want to learn how herbal & natural remedies can help you live with more energy & vitality?

8 week course